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About Baby

Your baby is measuring in at 5 pounds and 20 inches this week. That puts your little one at the size of a butternut squash! Your little one is growing at an incredible rate of approximately one-half pound per week to prepare for delivery day.

In addition to size, baby is also growing fingernails this week. Those tiny fingernails may be so long by delivery that they’re ready for a trim right away. Many parents feel uncomfortable trimming nails on their baby’s itty bitty hands, but that’ll change with time. If you want to make it easier, try trimming while your little one is sleeping.

If you’re having a boy, this is the week the testicles drop. The testicles descend from the stomach to the scrotum. A small number – 3 to 4 percent – of boys may be born with undescended testicles but it typically happens within the first year of life.

If your child were to be born today, you shouldn’t be too nervous about it. Since most of the body and the systems have completed development, your child will likely be born healthy. Your little one may require a small stay in the neonatal to ensure the lungs are stable but generally speaking, many preterm babies born from here on out will be as healthy as full-term babies.

About Momma

Believe it or not, your belly is still growing at this point in your pregnancy. It’s not much, but your uterus is still making space for your growing child. At this point, your uterus sits about 5 inches above your naval. This growing could cause additional pressure in your lower pelvic area. Don’t be surprised if you’re making even more trips to the bathroom these days either since your bundle of joy is pressing against your bladder.

If you’re not getting enough rest, now is the time to jump at the opportunity. Get as much sleep as possible before your baby arrives and you’re waking throughout the night for feedings and diaper changes. You should be resting your body as well. Elevate your feet to avoid swollen ankles and feet. Hormones are doing a number on your ligaments so you’ll need all the rest you can get.

Those pesky hormones are also doing a number on your vision these days. If your vision seems blurry and you’re having a hard time focusing, your hormones are likely to blame. They’re also responsible for a decrease in tear production, which would explain the dry and irritated state they’re in. Sunglasses and eye drops are certainly handy these days. Because hormones cause an increase in fluid within the eyes’ natural lenses, your eyes may even experience a temporary change in shape. Between the reshaping and the dryness, it may be a good idea to trade contacts for eyeglasses if you wear corrective lenses. Don’t worry though, this will all go away after delivery so there’s no need to change your prescription just yet. Make sure you mention the change to your practitioner though because changes in vision could be a sign of gestational diabetes.

If you haven’t had baby’s car seat professionally inspected, now is the time. If your little one were to arrive early, it’s important to make sure the car seat is properly installed ahead of time. Plus you don’t want to be among the 85 percent of parents who install car seats improperly. Plan ahead and be prepared!

*This is only general information and is not meant for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Always consult your physician or other health care provider about all health concerns, conditions, and recommended treatments.

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