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Maternity Support Garments

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  • Preggers Support Garments

Maternity (Pre Natal Support)

Being pregnant is a magical time. You’re growing another life inside your own belly and that is one of the best feelings in the world. But as fantastic as pregnancy is, there are some less than stellar elements. As your body adjusts to accommodate the new baby, the shifting can lead to some pretty unpleasant discomfort.

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Get The Maternity Support You Need

Fortunately, Preggers offers a wide selection of maternity support wear specifically designed to provide you the support you need, exactly where you need it. Our support products offer the additional support you need as your little one grows and grows. The maternity belly support products are designed to wrap around your belly and gently lift to alleviate strain in your abdomen & back caused by your growing baby bump. Get the relief you need during your pregnancy.


Enjoy Your Pregnancy With Comfortable Support

Supporting your bump doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. Preggers uses stretchy material that fits snuggly around your bump while offering the support you need. There are no bulky seams that will irritate your skin. We designed our pregnancy belly support with momma in mind to provide you with maternity support you want to wear. Whether you’re on the go or resting comfortably at home, you’ll find the support you need to get you through a long day.


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