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Did you know that November is National Sleep Comfort Month? A whole month dedicated to sleeping comfortably.

But don’t worry pregnant mamas or mamas of newborns. Comfortable sleep will come again. We all know how difficult good sleep is when you’re pregnant. That comfortable position is elusive! You toss and turn. There’s the constant back pain. And the 847 trips to the bathroom every night. There’s also the heartburn and leg cramps. Makes you wonder why we do this.

Then the baby finally arrives and sleeping at all becomes a thing you fondly remember. 

So maybe you’re wondering what Sleep Comfort Month and the pregnancy and newborn stage could possibly have in common. Since every moment of sleep is so precious during this time in your life, you should truly make the most of it.


Here are a couple of tips to help you get meaningful and comfortable sleep during the newborn period.

  1. Take a nap – Easier said than done, I know. But, ask for help from friends or family. Have someone come over and take care of the baby while you catch up on sleep.

  2. Trade nights with your partner – When it is your turn, get up during all of the nightly feedings to let your partner get a full night sleep. Then when it is their turn, let your partner do ALL that night’s feeding, too. If you’re a nursing mom, you might need to pump so they have something to feed the baby. At the very least, skip one feeding, letting your partner do the work, so you can get several consecutive hours of sleep.

  3. Don’t sleep in the same room with baby – Babies make noise when they sleep. They move. They whimper and fuss sometimes. They usually don’t need anything; or if they do, they’ll eventually let you know with a more obvious cry. So, sleeping in a different room will allow for better sleep. Keep the baby monitor turned down so that it isn’t picking up all the tiny noises. Or, if you aren’t comfortable with that, have someone else listen for it.

  4. Wear comfortable sleepwear – Save the cute pajamas for when things are back to normal. Choose something comfortable and non-restrictive. A Preggers Sleep Nursing Bra is helpful, too.  The bra is seamless and made of super soft material that feels good against the skin. Smooth, wide straps and a high back help to keep the straps in place and provide back support. It also has easy front access with no clasps for those late night feedings.    

  5. Better sleep during pregnancy – The first four tips are for getting better sleep after baby is born. But, what about all those sleepless nights during pregnancy? Best advice? Prevent! Put on a pair of Preggers Tights or Leggings during the day which will reduce swelling and cut down on those tired, achy legs keeping you up at night. You can also reduce the amount of back pain with proper support. A Preggers Maternity Support Band will provide this gentle support to help knock at that back pain.


Remember that you will sleep again!  And every bit of missed sleep now is worth it when you gaze at the sweet face of your son or daughter.


Comfort is Key! Check Out These Comfy Basics from Preggers.

Preggers Maternity Leggings feature elegant and fashionable patterns, while relieving tired and achy legs and feet all day.

The ultimate comfort staple while pregnant: Preggers Maternity Tights! True gradient compression increases circulation, prevents swelling and energizes tired legs and feet. The support top gives belly support without being constrictive.

Preggers Sleep Nursing Bra are made from super stretchy fibers and expand during the varying stages of pregnancy. The supportive band helps ease back discomfort and provide active moms additional abdominal support.


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