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Guide: Preventing Back Pain While You're Pregnant

As exciting and uplifting as pregnancy can be, it’s not without its problems. For women all over the world, back pain is a common problem associated with pregnancy. In fact, 50–70 percent of women while develop pain in their back at some point during pregnancy, typically in the lower or middle back sections.

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in your body. Your uterus shifts from your pelvis to your abdomen to make room for a growing child, but also causes a lot of strain on the muscles and bones that support the area. Your hormones are changing, loosening ligaments to accommodate your new body and that ever-growing bundle of joy alters your center of gravity, causing your body to make adjustments to every single movement you make. Your body isn’t used to carrying that extra weight either, which also contributes to worsened posture and an overall compression of the spine. If all that isn’t enough, the expected stress that accompanies pregnancy has managed to find its way straight to your spine.

As pleasant as it all sounds, there is relief to be found. Utilizing some basic preventative measures will allow you to avoid or reduce pregnancy back pain. Many of these practices can even be utilized during pregnancy planning so that the body is better prepared for the changes.

Sit Up Straight

Believe it or not, your posture plays a huge role in your back pain and overall health. That hunched over position can actually increase your blood pressure and restrict blood flow, not to mention the additional strain it puts on your already strained rib cage. It actually makes your lungs and heart work even harder while they’re already doing the work for two. Proper posture allows your back to disperse the weight load and promotes proper blood flow. Stand or sit straight so that your chest is held high and your shoulders and back are straight but relaxed.

Avoid Standing For Too Long

Prolonged periods of standing can cause unnecessary pain, however proper technique can help eliminate pain often associated with standing while pregnant. Space your feet in a comfortable wide stance and avoid locking your knees. If standing is inevitable, alternate propping one foot on a low stool and take breaks as often as possible.

Get The Right Support Gear

While the oversized t-shirt and yoga pants are great and provide ample stretch, they don’t offer the support you need to deal with your body’s changes. Keep your footwear to a low-heeled shoe that isn’t completely flat but stay away from heels that further alter your center of gravity. Even most athletic shoes provide a gradual incline within the sole to help reduce strain. Support bands around the waist provide additional support to the belly and reduce strain on the back. Preggers support bands also provide gentle compression in the stretchy material so that it fits comfortably against the belly. Support bands are especially good for more active moms.

Stay Active

Gentle exercise has been proven to not only be beneficial for the baby’s health, but it can also reduce back pain. Short walks and water aerobics can increase muscle strength and allow abdomen muscles to work with your back muscles. Stretching throughout the day can also prevent or reduce back pain. Many doctors recommend prenatal yoga that is designed to keep mom and baby safe.

Sleep On Your Side

Sleeping on your belly is virtually impossible and sleeping on your back can cause more pain. Sleeping on your side will alleviate a lot of the stress your body is going through. You can even use a wedge or pillows under your belly and between your legs to reduce the pressure that is in your back.

Remember to keep an eye on your own health while your pregnant. Not only does it benefit both you and the baby, but your body can show early signs of concern, should anything go wrong during your pregnancy. If you have any concerns, be sure to contact your health provider. If back pain becomes excessive, they can direct you towards safe and healthy treatments that won’t harm the baby.

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