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Maternity Compression Trouser Socks

Even though your belly is growing and your legs might be swelling, there’s no need to give up on style and comfort. If you want to be fashionable & comfortable during pregnancy, you have come to the right place. With Preggers by Therafirm legwear, you can combat the pregnancy swelling in your legs and look great while you do it. From our maternity pantyhose to our lineup of compression socks, you will feel great on your feet from your first trimester to your third. Do not let pregnancy slow you down, and see how our compression therapy trouser socks can help you do more than dress up your office apparel.

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Relief in the Form of a Sock

You might wonder how a pair of pregnancy maternity socks is going to give you the relief you need from your swollen feet and your cramping achy legs. It all comes down to circulation. Preggers legwear helps improve circulation by delivering a controlled amount of pressure – tightest at the ankle and gradually decreasing up the leg. Hence the term graduated compression; not to be confused with suck-it-in compression. Our light 10-15 mmHg maternity compression socks combat all of these common pregnancy symptoms to help you feel better throughout the day. Who could have thought that what looks like a simple pair of trouser socks could deliver the therapeutic benefits too?

Compliment Any Outfit with a Wide Range of Styles and Colors

Do not get stuck wearing a boring pair of regular socks every day. Our trouser socks come in a variety of different styles and colors to match any casual or business casual outfit PLUS the added benefit of light gradient compression. From black or cocoa, in ribbed, diamond or French twist patterns, simply select a color that blends with your wardrobe or mix and match so that you always have options. Pregnant fashionistas with comfort in mind will not be disappointed. Once you slip on a pair of our light compression trouser socks, you will never go back to wearing a regular sock.


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