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Maternity Compression & Support Hose

The modern mom-to-be has to juggle work, play and pregnancy. Preggers helps you find a way to look fashionable in the office and feel comfortable enough to get through the day. To an expectant mom, the last thing that you might think of when you hear maternity pantyhose is comfort, but our pantyhose are unique. Our line of compression pantyhose are perfect for the working expectant mom who wants to look and feel great throughout every stage of her pregnancy. Gradient compression is great for expecting women that sit or stand for long periods of time during the day.

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Maternity Pantyhose That Offers Support Without Compromising Style

Our full-length gradient compression maternity support hose are made with the most breathable fibers and a comfort fit top that will shape your growing belly. Made of Lycra and nylon with moisture wicking qualities, our pantyhose are designed to stay cool all-day long so that you can feel great at work or at a formal event. Our compression pantyhose offer all of the benefits you would expect to receive from compression products, but unlike other products, our pantyhose look great, compliment formal and office wear are offered in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

We Offer All of the Colors You Need to Complete Your Wardrobe

You no longer have to be restricted in your maternity pantyhose options if you invest in our Preggers by Therafirm 10-15 mmHg compression pantyhose. We offer pantyhose in black, cocoa, sand, sheer natural, blushed, and papyrus so that you can look and feel confident in any of your business suits or dresses. From petite to tall, we have pantyhose for pregnant moms of all sizes.

Skip the maternity pantyhose that do nothing more than have a belly panel. Our pantyhose not only have a super stretchy belly panel for your growing tummy, but they are also the cure to tired and achy legs. Stop letting your tired legs and swollen ankles hold you back during your long days in the office, and get your hands on a pair of our advanced compression pantyhose for your legs.


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