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Knee Highs

Battling swelling, tired, achy legs and ankles? While sitting back and kicking up your feet sounds nice, we all know that isn’t typically possible all day long. Our line of maternity compression stockings will promote increased circulation so that expectant mothers can keep moving! Preggers moms-to-be can enjoy pregnancy from start to finish (and look great in the process) with our 10-15 mmHg gradient support socks and stockings.

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Do Not Compromise Comfort for Fashion

It is only natural to want to feel comfortable when growing a human(s). As your belly grows, your body must work harder. While there are a wide range of maternity compression socks and sleeves on the market today, most of these options require you to compromise style for comfort. Our pregnancy compression stockings will deliver you the comfort you need without overlooking your style. Now, you can improve your blood circulation throughout your legs and feel confident and sexy.

Styles to Complete Any Outfit

Maternity apparel has come a long way and now actually flatters your new expecting curves. With our maternity stockings, you can take your outfit to the next stylish level. We offer ribbed stockings for the perfect office look, diamond stockings for the preppy pregnant look, French twist stockings for the worldly and sheer knee highs for when you just must wear heels. Look good, feel good in Preggers.


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