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How Tight Should Maternity Compression Hose Be?

Maternity compression hose will feel a little tight if you have never worn compression before. Compression can feel tight at first because compression hosiery does squeeze the leg in order to help improve circulation, reduce and prevent swelling, and energize tired, achy legs. After wearing your maternity compression product for a little bit, the tightness should no longer be noticeable.

However, maternity compression stockings should not be so tight that they are uncomfortable and/or are digging into your legs or belly. Normally, compression is only too tight when the wrong size is being worn. Fit is very important for maternity compression products and it is recommended you carefully look at the size chart for each maternity compression garment you are considering purchasing.

If pain, discomfort, or areas of binding occur, the stockings should be removed immediately.  Always consult with your physician before wearing gradient compression garments.


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