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Healthy Tips for Pregnant Women

As a mom, it is your job to look out for the safety of your little one. But what may surprise you is how early that starts. As anxious and excited as we are for the big delivery date, caring for your child starts from day one in the womb to ensure that baby develops properly during all of the big stages. For those 38 gestational weeks it’s up to you to make sure that the baby AND YOU are well taken care of.


Drink Plenty of Water.


As they say, water is the life source, and you are, after all, growing a little life inside of you. Water is necessary for your day-to-day activities and there’s a good chance you weren’t getting enough before pregnancy. Now is the time to embrace the water. You should be drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses per day and the more the merrier. If water isn’t your thing, feel free to spruce it up. Add fruit or cucumbers for flavor or go for non-caffeinated teas (hot or cold). You can even make a game out of it to keep you encouraged.

Eat properly.

Throughout your pregnancy you’ll be dealing with all sorts of food problems ranging from morning sickness to nauseating odors. With that said, sometimes food will seem like the enemy. There are tricks you can use to keep your body happy while providing it with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Instead of the typical three large meals a day, try five or six small meals. This will allow your body to absorb more nutrients throughout the day without triggering nausea so easily.

Stay away from spicy foods when you’re dealing with nausea since those can be particularly painful. Snacking on crackers can help keep your belly full without enticing the volcano. Feel free to be adventurous though. Your hormones are causing you to react differently to food which could mean those brussel sprouts you once hated could be a new favorite (plus they’ll provide plenty of Vitamin C).

Get as much sleep as possible while you can.

You’ve probably heard your aunt tease you already – “Enjoy the sleep while you still can.” It sounds silly but she’s telling the truth. You need sleep to keep going on a normal day, but your body is working extra hard these days so try for a solid eight hours if possible. Your heart alone is working four or five times harder than usual to keep a fresh supply of blood to your baby – and that’s just one of your organs.

Sleep is vital and pregnancy has a way of making that difficult. Take a nap brief nap if you can. Utilize a schedule if at all possible. To increase blood flow to your uterus and kidneys, sleep on your left side with your knees and hips bent. This will also help with some of that pesky lower back pain. If you’re having difficulty, you can also use some pillows to relieve some of the strain.

Exercise is good for both of you.

No one expects you to run a marathon while you’re carrying around a child, but some mild exercise will do you both a lot of good. Try walking for 15 to 30 minutes a day in a shaded area to avoid overheating. If facilities are available, swimming is great for exercise and doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your joints. Exercise classes are often available that are specifically designed for pregnant women.

If you find yourself struggling with healthy choices, look to your loved ones for support. They can lead by example and join you in your healthy adventures to help you stay on track. Friends, parents, siblings, and your significant other are there when you need them so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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